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Hi Declan Connolly founder of Affluent Architect.

I specialise in helping small firm or sole practitioner architects make more money in their businesses.

Because once the financial side of things is handled it frees up their time & their minds to do the things they love doing.

Which is being creative and making peoples lives better with the buildings they design.

I’m also the founder of Bespoke Home Design which is my home design business based here in London, UK.

And I’ve learned a thing or two over the last 10 years about getting design clients in the construction industry and I’m going to share them with you.

The New Way Of Getting Clients In The Construction Industry

So rather than give you a long winded article here telling you what we’re about, I’d like to invite you to a free training called ‘The Affluent Architect Blueprint’.

The Small Firm or Sole Practititoner Architect Guide to exploding your personal income and recession proofing your business by turning it into a literal money making machine that requires no employees or working 70 or 80 hours a week including weekends to achieve it…

Register here: https://events.genndi.com/channel/affluentarchitectblueprint

In this workshop you’ll discover:

  • How to create multiple streams of passive income with your business that makes it insanely profitable and also puts a lot more money in your pocket
  • You’re also going to see how to cherry pick the very best clients who already acknowledge the value of an architect and are happy to pay for it
  • You’ll also hear how to charge more for these types of clients too so you can work on less projects if you wish and only work on projects that excite you
  • I’m also going to show you how to stop being a bill collector and chasing people for money which as I know is especially hard when you’ve actually built a relationship with the client
  • I’m also going to share with you how to be seen as THE expert in your market which of course attracts a better quality of client who actually acknowledge and respect the value you bring
  • I’ll show you how to GENERATE A PREDICTABLE FLOW OF QUALIFIED LEADS with your website and the follow up steps involved to turn them into a consistent conveyor belt of new clients
  • I’ll share how the construction industry has evolved in the modern day why you need to update your client getting methods
  • You’ll discover 10 traps even the most driven architects fall into that causes them to hit an unbreakable “glass ceiling” or plateau in their business growth
  • I’ll share why architects aren’t adequately prepared for running a business & getting our own clients and what to do about it
  • You’ll hear about the modern reality of your potential clients and how this affects your marketing…
  • You’ll find out about the David vs Goliath syndrome: why small firm architects can KNOCK OUT bigger competition
  • You’ll get a 2 minute marketing audit, hopefully you aren’t doing any of these 10 business killing activities
  • The NEW way of getting clients in the construction industry that will make you a fortune AND position you as a leader in the marketplace
  • How I went from being broke and not having income for 9 months to now getting 150 qualified leads per month on average
  • Why niching works so well and how it exploded my income
  • How I discovered joint venturing in the construction industry for MAKING PASSIVE INCOME
  • The simple 3 question survey that will give you literally hundreds of ideas for making passive income with your business
  • How to make a lot more money out of the clients you’ve got in a mutually beneficial way that creates a load of goodwill with them which will mean way more referrals
  • Why getting leads with your website is an amazing source of passive income
  • Why your design service is seen as an obstacle by potential clients and what to do about it
  • Why most marketing out there is not just ‘ok’, but actually downright horrible (EVEN though they are created by very serious architects who have been doing it for years! The answer might not be what you think…)
  • How advertising your business puts people off
  • Why talking about yourself & your business on your website such as online portfolios, years in business, awards doesn’t work and in fact puts people off from hiring you
  • What CLIENTS REALLY WANT and how to position your business as the one to give it to them
  • How to make your design service magnetic to potential clients and have a tsunami of them visiting your site
  • What you need on your website to get peoples contact information so you can follow up with them and promote your architectural services
  • The ULTIMATE PSYCHOLOGICAL TRIGGER for potential clients and how to use it to your advantage
  • Why casting as wide a net as possible to get new clients will in fact get you scraps & low fee jobs
  • Why displaying different types of jobs on your website repels high value clients
  • How to structure your marketing so it attracts high end lucrative projects
  • Jedi Mind Trick: How to read a potential clients mind and enter the conversation in their head
  • Why specificity implies expertise and why you must utilize this to be successful
  • What high value clients really pay for and how to give it to them
  • How to differentiate your architectural services from your competition thus leaving you the logical person to hire
  • How to streamline your business to make jobs much more lucrative & profitable
  • How to market your architectural services to several different markets at one time
  • Why targeting a specific type of client will allow you to charge premium fees
  • How to make your business LITERALLY immune to competition (We have new competitors springing up every single day… and some of them are excellent marketers. But… none of them have been able to put even a dent in our business. I’m going to show you how to create a powerful “force field” around your business and your client base ensuring that no competitor will ever be able to cut into your profits)
  • My secret method for breaking into ultra-competitive markets and CRUSHING them… (Here’s how to use psychology to make potential clients naturally see you as different and better)
  • How to identify high value clients and how to get them to hire you
  • How to create personalities to market your architectural services (Hint: People don’t want to buy from companies, they want to buy from people. I’m going to show you how to connect with your prospects on a whole new level so they view your design services as their only possible choice)
  • Why 99% of small firm & sole practitioner architects are broke
  • The best way to charge premium fees and not feel guilty about it
  • How to design a marketing message that’s so powerful that it literally triggers buying behaviour in your clients
  • How to lay out your marketing, ads, and websites so that they literally DRAW IN the prospect instead of confusing them and driving them away, which most other peoples marketing do..
  • The 5 step system that brings in clients EVEN IF YOU GO ON HOLIDAYS FOR A COUPLE OF WEEKS!
  • How to set up your business so that YOU don’t need to be there for it to survive, I love running my business and don’t plan on selling it or “retiring” any time soon but it’s also set up in a way that would allow me to walk away at any time if I wanted to
  • I’ll show you exactly how to set up your business in this way so that you can enjoy as much freedom as you’d like
  • The extra page you need on your website that CONVERTS VISITORS INTO LEADS
  • How to get tonnes of prospective clients setting appointments with you
  • What to say on your sale appointments so clients hire you
  • How to STOP GETTING PAID ON MILESTONES & 30 day invoices and get paid up front and regularly instead

And a lot more beside!

Ultimately I see architects as people who have a higher purpose than just making a profit, but I’ll tell you now once you have the money side sorted, it will free you and empower you to give your best to the world like you wouldn’t believe.

And once you see what I’m going to share with you here you’ll discover that you’re not a million miles away from that at all.

To check out this workshop simply click on the link below.

And you’ll be brought to a page where you can register for this workshop and discover how to make some serious money as a small firm or sole practitioner architect

Register here: https://events.genndi.com/channel/affluentarchitectblueprint

Free Workshop For
Small Firm or Sole Practitioner Architects

The Affluent Architect Blueprint

I look forward to speaking with you on this workshop.

In Friendship,


Declan Connolly
Founder of Affluent Architect & Bespoke Home Design

4 Wroughton Terrace, Hendon, London, NW4 4LE
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