The Ethical Bribe - How To Get A Tsunami Of Prospective Clients To Contact You
July 2, 2022

Ok, in this blog post we are going to discuss Premiums. What the hell is a Premium I hear you disclaim?! Well a Premium is a bribe to get people to contact you, be it get them into your showroom, ring your office for an appointment… …whatever it is so you can get them in […]

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The Single Biggest Marketing Mistake By Small Firm & Sole Practitioner Architects
January 16, 2022

How many times in the last week have you had someone trying to lowball your fee? Have you had to go through the gut wrenching experience of chasing someone for money owed to you and even though they are the asshole in the situation, you end up feeling bad about chasing them? If you've got […]

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Initial Consultations For Architects Who Hate Sales
May 6, 2020

Most architects I know aren’t particularly good at self-promotion and would prefer to stick their hands into a hornet’s nest than learn about ‘sales’. This is made infinitely worse by our misconceptions of what sales really is. When I first started, I had the idea of the sleezy used car salesman and people of low […]

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The Architects Guide To Thriving During A Recession
April 27, 2020

A great market correction, a great reckoning is upon us. The business of architecture is currently facing an existential crisis that has been accelerated by this pandemic. And after you read this article you’ll understand the severity of the problem but you’ll also be far better equipped to dealing with it. The Reason Why Architects […]

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Marketing for Architects – Part 9 - Positioning: How To Compete And Beat Bigger More Established Competition
April 25, 2019

In the last MARKETING FOR ARCHITECTS blog post we introduced the stair step marketing concept that we will cover in more detail later in this series of blog posts. Now we are going to look at how to differentiate your business from your competitors. After you go through this blog post you'll know how to […]

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